Our Added Value

Our team and our dedication are our greatest added value for our investors. With an average yield target of 9% at the property level over the duration of the loan, and an IRR target above 15% for IRR deals, we strive to maximize investment performance while mitigating risks and protecting invested capital.

The vast experience of our team, our international background, our focus, and our large network of professionals are bound together in the best interests of our investors.

We have a clear vision of what we do and how to do it.

Success is a result of teamwork. It begins with the investors’ vision and needs, and is the GP’s ability to optimize a deal according to those visions and needs. It also includes a lender that provides the best financing to support a specific strategy. Finally, it requires a competent property manager, excellent contractors, and the right economic conditions.

To date, Stoneweg has invested tens of millions of dollars in properties to address deferred maintenance and to improve or create useful amenities. It has remodeled hundreds of units with a 25% average Return on Capital Equity on interior renovation. The work that has been done has brought superior rent lifts and has improved the overall value of the portfolio.