Financial and legal support

Legal and Finance are two key functions that both protect and prepare our investors. At Stoneweg US, we consider them as fundamentally important as Acquisitions and Asset Management.

The Legal department is primarily the “red flagger” and problem solver of our business.

Not always easy to take on this role….

But Legal is more than this. Legal also provides ideas and solutions even before a problem occurs and can present new legal strategies and solutions  to strengthen a deal or make a strategy more efficient.

At Stoneweg US, we have a strong Legal team that works in close collaboration with a few selected and reputable outside counsel. Bringing together internal and external views is the most efficient way to mitigate legal risks and be creative within the boundaries of law.

The same is true for our Finance department. First it focuses on collecting the numbers from the property management companies and making sure they are correct. It then consolidates these numbers and prepares all financial statements.

Finance specializes in reporting financial data to the investors in the best way possible and making sure that the correct processes are in place to avoid mistakes and losses.

The Finance team also works closely with well-known external CPAs and tax advisors and leads all efforts with auditors.