Acquisition process

Acquisition is key to delivering the best returns to investors. At Stoneweg US, we dedicate a lot of time and resources to reducing risks in acquisitions by making sure we purchase the right assets at the right price.

Prior to investing, we visit the potential property at least once with our designated property management company and a capex specialist.

At Stoneweg US, our due diligence begins long before sending an LOI.

Unlike most acquisition companies, we do our initial underwriting after we’ve received quotes from our insurance broker, our lender and our tax consultant. We also do our local demographic review and conduct extensive market research. Once the initial due diligence is done, we submit our LOI.

Best and final goes with a refining of our assumptions based on the latest figures available and once the deal is awarded to us we start with our proper due diligence process, which includes additional visits and revisions of title, survey, environmental and property conditions.

Stoneweg US is known for having closed 100% of the deals awarded to us and for never re-trading a deal, unless something major and out of the ordinary occurs. To date, this has happened only once.

Our reputation is a key element of the acquisition process. Because we are true to our words, sellers and brokers tend to like working with us and we do as well. Pushing a deal to a win-win operation is the best way to ensure success for all involved parties.